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What is going on: The world and the Bombings (does it fulfill you killing innocent people?)


I slept with a Manchester Bombing in a concert field News hunting me and Woke up at 4am with another unnerving news about how our Philippine President rush home from Russia to declare Martial Law in Marawi, Mindanao.

I am not yet over about the Manchester tragedy, and I don’t think I will ever be sooner. I mean that place, where the tragedy had happened, supposedly be filled with laughter and happiness and love and everything but a ruthless attack in the end.

Now my prayers and condolences to the families that are affected of this said tragedy. I am so hurting right now imagining parents and or families and friends waiting for a member to come home, expecting someone to come home happily after the supposed to be “one of the best time of their lives”


Why life have to be this cruel. Why do we need to attack each other? Why attack the innocent ones? Why the world has gotten this far? What makes these people do it? Does it fulfills them somehow seeing other people suffer by a tragic scene they were creating? What actually is it to them? WHY. ARE. THEY. DOING. THIS?!


Now my mind is just all over the scene. I don’t know how to make my family safe anymore. I don’t know if I ever go outside the house will I ever be safe? Will I ever get home again without being injured? Will I ever get to come home still without being in a casket? For how long will we just wait till the next bomb is being planted somewhere near our place?  I don’t know… and this may sound overreaction to you. But shouldn’t we over react with all this happenings around us?


I know Manchester, in England. Its way far from my home. Way far from my land. Miles and miles from where I am right now. Not even close to this small room I am lying in my bed with my cracky electric fan doing its job while the bulb that my dad had set up to this small and messy room of mine has turned off.
But scrolling through facebook at this very hour give me chills. Seeing the Martial Law thing is being declared, learning that it is happening right now in Marawi, and knowing Marawi is a place that is not just close to home. Not just close to my land but is in my home. In my land. Not that I am Familliar enough about it but I know where is it, And this time its close. So close to where I am right now, so close that Mindanao is even considered as a part of this great land from the east called Philippines. My land. My home.


Now everyone’s talking about the happenings in Marawi how cruel the bandits are for after they fired such a huge number of gunshots and bombs everywhere they started to put some infrastractures including a cathedral, schools, and even prison on fire. And theres no Fire squad to rescue for everyone is so afraid to get out in the open.

The TV connections, even radios were lost. Water and electricity are lost too.
Police are now short in numbers for most of them were already killed.

Some of the Military people are injured.

Families in the area are trying to get in their cars for a search of evacuation places.

So far, Martial Law was declared in Mindanao for 60 days, the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte said that he will be cruel against the terrorists, that he should be.

Every story now is at lost. We couldn’t find a legit source about the on-time happenings in Marawi but our Prayers goes to the people, in Marawi and the whole Mindanao.

In serious times like this we can only ask for guidance and support through GOD who is the most powerful of us all.

Lets acknowledge the problem and make ourselves aware.




And most importantly, pray for the souls of these people who are creating this havoc.

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