I am sorry to say (to myself) because I ain't no readers -- YET! 😂 I know... I know... I am very sorry to say that, I am deleting Auld's facebook and Twitter accounts. I know I should've realised this from the beginning, and I know alot of people now I can't avoid, and there… Continue reading SOCIAL MEDIA, NO MORE!


White wall appreciation post.

Eye shadow: sigma beauty pallete Eyebrows: Maybeline Fashion brows Lipstick: everbilena Lipliner: gorgio Blush: Kiko Top from: H&M Males Section color (baby pink) size (XL) originally my kuya's haha /photo edited from VSCO and Snapseed/ Comment below if you want to know how I edit those pictures. (Theres nothing special about it though, but I'll… Continue reading White wall appreciation post.