Mabuhay! I am Rica Gabayni, a university student from the Philippines.

The main reason why I created this blog is for personal gratitude, knowing that I can create something like the one’s I’ve just been reading on the internet.

I see blogs as a tool to inspire many people, to share to others the beauty that a blogger/I see in so many places and so many things I wanted to also share some insights with about just anything, random thoughts and my opinions and stories that I find helpful or fun or exciting so that the people who would care to visit my site could try it too or least have a feel-it-experience through my writings.

disclaimer: since English is not my first language don’t expect a grammatically or a punctuations on point posts, because to be honest I wasn’t born with an american mouthpiece.

lastly, for more personal “about” I am also a part time English tutor and a theater actor.

feel free to ask me questions, if you have any, about my site I would only be too willing to respond. Here